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International Truck Pictures - Page 1

The merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and the Deering Harvester Company in 1902 resulted in the formation of the International Harvester Corporation (IHC) of Chicago, Illinois, which over the next three quarters of a century evolved to become a diversified manufacturer of farming equipment, construction equipment, gas turbines, trucks, buses, and related components. In the 1980's, the company sold off most of its divisions but the one that remained was the Truck Division and the company changed its name in 1986 to Navistar International Corporation with the right to keep its IH logo. The International Truck continues to do a vibrant business.

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International Truck Pictures
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1985 International F1954 Truck Picture
1985 International F1954
1988 International S1600 Truck Picture
1988 International S1600
1992 International 4700 Truck Picture
1992 International 4700
2001 International 4700 Truck Picture
2001 International 4700
International 9900 Truck Picture
International 9900
1988 International S1800 Truck Picture
1988 International S1800
2006 International 4300 Truck Picture
2006 International 4300
International 4400 Truck Picture
International 4400
2006 International MXT Truck Picture
2006 International MXT
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2008 International Prostar
Special International

International SmarTruck Truck Picture
International SmarTruck III
2002 International 4300 Truck Picture
2002 International 4300
International 5500 Truck Picture
International 5500
1983 International 5000 Truck Picture
1983 International 5000
2005 International RXT Truck Picture
2005 International RXT
2006 International CXT Truck Picture
2006 International CXT
Front Left 2008 International CXT Truck Picture
2008 International CXT
Front Left International Navistar Army Truck Picture
International Navistar
Front Left 2009 International 5900i Truck Picture
2009 International 5900i

1997 International 4700 Truck Picture
1997 International 4700
1996 International 8200 Water Truck Picture
1996 International 8200
2002 International 9900 Truck Picture
2002 International 9900
Right front 2009 International 7400 Gravel Truck Picture
2009 International 7400
Right Front 2007 International 7700 Dump Truck Picture
2007 International 7700
Front left International NavStar 4300 Truck Picture
International NavStar 4300
Front Left White 1986 International 1800 Water Truck Picture
1986 International 1800
Front Right Silver 2009 International LoneStar Truck Picture
2009 International LoneStar
Front Left White 2003 International 9200i Truck Picture
2003 International 9200i

International Truck Pictures
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