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UD Nissan Truck Pictures - Page 1

The "UD" trademark, which originally stood for "Uniflow Diesel", taking its name from Nissan Diesel's successful Uniflow Scavenging Diesel engine, became known over the years to mean "Ultimate Dependability." The first UD trucks marketed in the U.S. were the Class 7, CP Series (CPB12 and CPC12). UD promotes having the best in light-duty and medium-duty trucks. Nissan Diesel America (NDA) was founded by Nissan Diesel Motor Company in February 1984. The first shipment of UD trucks arrived in the U.S. in June 1985 at the port of Jacksonville, Florida.

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UD Truck Pictures
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2004 UD 3300
2004 UD 3300
UD 1800 DumpPlow
UD 1800 Dump Plow
1991 UD 2000
1991 UD 2000
UD 2600 Dump Truck
UD 2600 Dump Truck
2005 UD CW445
2005 UD CW445
1999 UD 2600
1999 UD 2600
UD Nissan Logging Truck 357 DumpDump Picture
UD Nissan Logging
2005 UD 2000 Truck  Picture
2005 UD 2000
2007 UD Nissan 3300 Truck Picture
2007 UD 3300
Red Toy Dump Truck Picture
When I was a boy, some of my best friends were my toy trucks; not small trucks like the hot wheels type nor trucks as large as Tonka trucks but metal trucks about a foot long with solid rubber or plastic wheels. I had two dump trucks and a towing truck all around the same size. We had no televisons and computers were beyond our imagination at the time. The main indoor "entertainment" was the radio. When I took my trucks out, I would join up with two other chums who also had toy vehicles and we would play "trucks" in a nearby field. We got the greatest fun using our imagination, creating roads, sand piles, rock piles, and even rivers if it had rained the day before. I think that someone was looking down at three little boys and helping in creating values that would help later in their lives. Probably many "old" truck drivers started out the same way.
Don Jones

2005 UD MK175
2005 UD MK175
UD 2600 Arbor Truck
UD 2600 Arbor Truck
2005 UD MK245
2005 UD MK245
Nissan UD80 Garbage
Nissan UD80 Garbage
1988 Nissan Diesel Dump
1988 Nissan Diesel Dump
UD TZA Logging
UD TZA Logging
Front Left 2007 UD Nissan 2000 Wrecker Truck Picture
2007 UD Nissan 2000
Front Left 2008 UD Nissan 2300LP Truck Picture
2008 UD Nissan 2300LP
Front Right 2009 UD Nissan 2000 Truck Picture
2009 UD Nissan 2000

2007 UD Nissan 2000 Truck Picture
2007 UD Nissan 2000
2005 UD CWB ruck Picture
2005 UD CWB
2005 UD Nissan MK175T Truck Picture
2005 UD Nissan MK175T
2005 UD Nissan PK Lift Truck Picture
2005 UD Nissan PK
2005 UD Nissan LK Mixer Truck Picture
2005 UD Nissan
LK Mixer
2007 UD Nissan 2300HD Dump Stake Truck Picture
2007 UD Nissan 2300HD
Front Left 1985 UD Nissan Horse Truck Picture
1985 UD Nissan
Front Left Gray 2011 Nissan Titan Truck Picture
2011 Nissan Titan
Front Right 2010 UD Nissan 2300 Cold Car Truck Picture
2010 UD Nissan 2300

UD Truck Pictures
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